Hard Working Man 09.26.23

Linza Foster


Linza is the definition of a hard-working man, he owns a motorcycle cycle shop and works through the 110 degree heat down to the lowest temperatures that the Central Valley has, with no air conditioning or heater and inside of a metal building at that! Linza gets all of his business by word of mouth only and gets a ton of business, because of the honest work that he provides. Not to mention just the kind man that he is.

My hard-working hubby doesn’t stop the hard work even when it comes to our family life. I have 6 children from a previous relationship and Linza has 2 from a previous relationship, so 8 kids total, 7 of which are boys. My 6 children are Fatherless due to drugs unfortunately. Linza raises all of our kids as his own and is an amazing Father to them all. Because of Linza now my boys have a chance of watching him work so hard, which means he is raising more hard-working men. During my brain surgery last year Linza really was my rock, he worked so hard to take care of me and made sure that I was comfortable and pushed me every day to fight to live. He is just an amazing man all the way around and in every area of his life!

Thank You,
Jennifer Miller

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