Tori James

Birthday: April 11

Birthplace: Massachusetts

Year started at KKBN: 2014

First radio job: WSIG-AM Mt. Jackson VA, a country AM Daytimer (now defunct). I also worked at a bunch of DC Metro Area stations in rock, smoooooth jazz (it has to “moo-ooo” when you say it, we were instructed), country, and news/talk.

Interests/Hobbies: Writing, researching, taking photos, conversing, educating, entertaining, enlightening, learning, living and sharing in the moment — oh, yeah, and wine and pickleball (although not at the same time)

First job: I was a singing waitress at a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant despite having a singing voice distinctly lacking in dulcet tones. It brought my shy, mouth-full-of-braces self out of my shell in a hurry.

Most memorable career moment: Too many to choose from. Top of head at the moment I am thinking back to my much younger 20-something self working at a classic rock station…

Sitting with a former radio colleague (Larry Burnett, formerly in the rock band Firefall) and his super-cute blond friend visiting in the studio as we were playing cuts from Heart’s brand new Bad Animals album, they specifically solicited my honest opinion and I shared well dang, the tracks were a little over-produced for my taste given the band’s rock roots.

It turned out to be a complete setup as Larry introduced his cohort: it was Heart’s guitarist at the time, Mark Andes, who helped produce the album. They laughed as they watched me turn beet red — but I was vindicated (probably why I am remembering this now so well) as both ended up agreeing with me!

One thing listeners would be surprised to learn about you: When people hear me most somehow think I’m a short brunette; I’m actually a tall blonde.

Favorite getaway spot: Anywhere with a beautiful sunset..

Favorite reading: Anything written well and hopefully at least somewhat entertaining or enlightening.

Favorite all-time TV show: used to be The Carol Burnett Show but the best episodes of Saturday Night Live are up there, too.

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