Alisha’s Impossible Question


12/4 Question: Most of us eat around 200 of these a year…What is it?

Answer: Cookies

11/29 Question: What TV Show Has the most Spin-offs?

Answer: Star Trek

11/20 Question: What is the most popular Thanksgiving side dish?

Answer: Mashed Potatoes

11/15 Question: A survey says 40% of parents do ______ to make things go smoother in the morning, when they take their kids to school. What is it?

Answer:Wear Their Pajamas

11/13 Question: What is the most frequently kept item in the junk drawer?

Answer: Rubber-bands

11/6 Question: 50% of people do this more with their dog than with their partner?

Answer: Take pictures/Selfies

11/1 Question: 25% of us do this while running errands because it is a mood booster? What is it?

Answer: Car Wash

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