Hard Working Man 08.09.23

Blaine Bowker

My husband, Blaine Bowker, is the hardest working man I have ever known. Blaine is constantly looking to learn and grow. Blaine is a firefighter with Cal Fire in Murphy’s. He wakes up before dawn and drives an hour to work where he is away from his family for days at a time. He has been working hard to support our family for the past few years while I was in nursing school. During nursing school we got pregnant and had the sweetest baby boy named Scout. Blaine continued to work long days and nights, sometimes we wouldn’t see him for weeks. He was in and out of academies and classes, working his way up to provide for us. It was hard, but he did what he needed to do for our family. Blaine always puts his family first. On his days off he continues to work on the house and spends all of his time playing with Scout and taking care of all of our needs. He is always willing to help his coworkers, and extends his hand to teach others. He is constantly learning new things, watching YouTube videos to learn how to fix and build things. He works on our cars, he cooks us dinners, he does grocery shopping, he picks me wild flowers and writes me love notes, he makes us all laugh and he cleans the house. Blaine never complains, he never seems put out. Everything he does, he does with a smile and from the kindness of his heart. He is the most compassionate, most loving, and definitely the hardest working man I will ever know.

Cristina Bowker

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