KKBN Pet of the Week 05.12.20




I would like to nominate my dog Cici as a KKBN pet of the week.  We adopted Cici in February of 2019 from American Brittany Rescue (ABR).


Cici was rescued in Salt Lake City Utah, where someone dumped her off at a shelter – where ABR scooped her up and posted her for adoption. 


Not much is known about her, she is about 5 years old, well behaved and well trained – she knows high-five, shakes hands, sits, heels – all good manners that a dog should know.  We, nor ABR, could ever figure out why someone would dump her off at a shelter. 


She has been a real treat and a great girl.  We found out about Cici on the ABR website, submitted our application and before you know it, we flew to Salt Lake, picked her up and road tripped back to California to start her new life. 


She is just a little lover, gets along with our cats and if she has any flaws, for some reason she is just not into toilet paper rolls – if we leave her alone at the house with a toilet paper roll within reach, we are in for a pick up session as she shreds them pretty good.


I hope you find Cici worthy of selection in an upcoming KKBN Pet of the Week.


Garry Erck


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