KKBN Hard Working Man 05.13.20

Jeremy Christ

I would like to nominate my husband Jeremy Christ for hard working man of the week.

He works 5-6 days a week and comes home and helps with our 3 kids (1 boy 2 girls) and on days off he works around the house with the kids and cuts and splits firewood for people who need it. He is willing to help anyone in need especially family and friends.

He also supports me while being a full-time student, working at my job and being a mom.

He has been our family rock since 2013 and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

He always said he would be mad if I ever did this and he won, but I think everyone plus he needs to know how much he means to our family.

So babe if you win and you’re hearing this…I love you!

Stacey Christ  

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