KKBN Hard Working Man 04.01.20

I’d like to nominate my husband “Brett Anisko” for hard working man of the week.

This amazing, full and busy life we are building together can be so demanding, in so many ways. And each of us sacrifice so much to make it work but I see the weight he carries, too.

I see him work hard to understand what I need, whatever it may be, even if it is just an extra kiss, an embrace, or a special bottle of wine. I see him come home after a long days of work so tired but still finds the energy to play with our daughter, read her a book, draw her a bath, cook us dinner, patiently listen to each one’s day, help with our newborn son, change his diapers, burp him just so I can have a little break, help with laundry whether it’s starting the load or folding it and putting it away.

I see him doing the dishes every night after he makes us dinner because he knows I won’t get to it until later, then I see him when he quietly empties the dishwasher early morning before he leaves for work, so I don’t have to.

He works so hard, getting up early for work then coming home late to still help with what needs to be done around the house. Though these seem like little things, they add up to a mountain of love in the care and keeping of us. His hard work makes a difference between us standing still and moving forward in working towards our goals in the efforts to ensure that we are always growing together as our lives change and our children get older. This is hard work, on top of hard work, and I see it in him. I am so grateful to be his wife.
– Lisa Marie

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