KKBN Pet Of The Week 03.31.20

Hi KKBN Friends and Family,

My name is Chloee Doodles

And I want to give everyone my best Tuesday morning smile!!

My mamma says I’m a big girl and I love to show my Pearlie whites!! I love going for walks, going to the beach and just about any adventure. I help my mamma when she’s sick I make her feel better with lots of smiles an snuggles!

I lost my mamma Yorkie, Tallulah. in July she crossed the rainbow bridge, she was my best friend.

My mamma and I adopted a new friend for me because I was so sad! Her name is Wiley and she has been having a difficult time adjusting, (her last family hurt her, and she was homeless) I’ve been a big girl and have helped her a lot by sharing my mamma, toys, bed and my family. She gets angry sometimes and bites me, but I’m still helping her, she’s my friend!

My mamma says I deserve to be Pet of the week because I’ve been a Real Trooper and I still love everyone!!

Thank you for considering me!


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