KKBN Hard Working Man 03.25.20

I would like to tell you about My hard-working man, my new husband Brandon Jourdan.

Brandon is part of the local 1130 laborers union and works for Bothman Construction. He is currently working on the construction of the new Tuolumne County Courthouse.  

He works long, hard day’s most of the time 10 hours a day. On Saturdays he will go to work at 6am work 8-10 hours and still come home and take our kids fishing or to ride bikes at the skate park. He works so hard all to provide a beautiful home for our kids and me.  

Brandon moved us to Lake Don Pedro a year ago so we could live 1/4 mile from My Parents. He’s often found at my parents’ house helping them with things they can’t do anymore. Brandon can be found at his Grandparents house helping them do anything they need help with from re doing their roof to fixing massive plumbing problems. He never complains and loves to help them.  

Brandon has become an amazing “bonus daddy” to my 2 daughters Brylie & Bella. They love spending time with him. They say they are so lucky having two amazing Dads. Brandon also has a 13-year-old Son Colin whom he loves more than he’ll ever know.  

We live a strong Christian life with our kids. Strong in our faith.  

Like a lot of people who grew up here, Brandon got lost in addiction and homelessness for many years. Brandon now has 3 1/2 years clean and sober and has rebuilt an amazing life for himself and our family. His whole family is so proud and amazed at the turnaround he made in his life.  

Brandon truly is a hardworking man and deserves this more than any man I know.  

We have known each other since we were 14 years old and I can tell you he’s grown into the perfect husband, Dad, son, son in law, grandson and brother.  

Thank you,  

Sara Jourdan    

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