KKBN Pet Of The Week(07.02.13)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet of The Week: Yoshi


Hi guys! This is our cat Yoshi and im entering her into the pet of the week. Im not sure if Yoshi knows that she’s a cat because she sometimes acts like a dog! Lol. She loves dog food and she begs for food. She has a very interesting personality. She loves to sit up in the window seals and imitate the birds outside. Yes, our cat makes bird noises! Hahaha. Some of her favorite pastimes are chasing our dog up and down the hallway, torturing our turtles by bopping them on their heads, making bird noises and lazily hanging out with us on the couch (picture included). She is such an awesome kitty and we love having her apart of our family. She is definitely not your average cat! 🙂

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