Hard Working Man Winner #1 (07.03.13)

Scotti Harris

Hello KKBN-

I would like to nominate my husband and best friend Scotti Harris for your Hard Working Man Contest.

Scotti has worked for Bimbo Bakery company selling, merchandising and delivering bread throughout the county for over 20 years.  He has split days off- Sundays and Wednesdays and starts work at 4am.  We live in Copperopolis so that means he has to get up at 2:30 am on workdays.  He works 10-12-14 hour days depending on the time of year and holidays.  It’s a very fast paced, physical job and he is very appreciated at his accounts for his outstanding customer service and merchandising/sales skills and know how.
He also has his own painting company and paints houses in his “spare time”. When he has a painting job to do that means he sometimes won’t get home until 6-8pm.  Only to eat dinner, fall into bed and get back up at 2:30am to do it all over again.
When he is not doing one of these jobs he is the “yard maintenance/landscaper” , “pool man” and “general handyman” around our home.  Our yard is one of the most beautifully maintained in the neighborhood.

His number one priority has always been to “take care of his family”.    We appreciate and love him for all that he does for us so much and would love that his hard working efforts could be recognized in your contest.

Thank you,
Rhonda Harris

The HARD WORKING MAN CONTEST is brought to you in part by.AMPM ARCO, JS WEST ACE HARDWARE and Oak Valley Community Bank





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