Goodie Of The Week

Good Morning Mother Lode!

One Good Deed

Time to announce this week’s Goodie Of The Week Award Winner!  Congratulations to Larry Hobson , nominated for his good deeds! (Read the letter below).  He wins a gift certificate from J.S. West Ace Hardware in Sonora!

I would like to nominate Larry Hobson for the work that he does. I am a Care Provider & have been for 41/2 years. I took care of both of my parents until my dad’s Diabetes & Alzheimer got so bad that I could no longer take care of him. I had to put him in a nursing home so he could get the help he needed. Before I put my dad in a nursing home, Larry helped me out with my dad. Once my dad went into a nursing home my mom than moved in with us, which it will be 4 years in March of 2010. Larry than lost his job as an Automotive Service Manager in January 2008. Since Larry has been out of a job, he has been helping me. Even though my dad is in a nursing home I still have to go to the home for care meetings with the nurses. My mother had to start Dialysis September of 2008, she goes 3 days a week to Sonora. Plus she gets her Allergy shot every 3rd Monday of the month & she has her Family practice doctor once a month & her Neurologist once a month. I also have had a couple of meetings to go to with the I.H.S.S. (In Home Supportive Services). So if I have a meeting with I.H.S.S. or have to go to Stockton for my dad, Larry will take my mom to Dialysis or to her doctor appointments. Or he will go down to Stockton to the care meeting for my dad. I am the youngest of 4 children & I get more help from Larry than I do from my 3 siblings. I know I can always count on him if I need a helping hand.

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