Hard Working Man 07.06.22

Robert Lee Kerr III

My boyfriend of five years is the hardest working man I know. Not only does he work hard but he constantly strives to provide and do everything he can for our combined four children and myself.
Robert Lee Kerr III has recently taken over an Aero Resources an Aircraft maintenance station on technology drive in Columbia, California. He works 8 to 12 hours a day six days a week. He is truly passionate about his line of work and is dedicated to providing quality work and excellent customer service.
Not only does he work hard at work. When he comes home he helps with the kids, cooking, cleaning, and anything that needs to be fixed around the house. He never complains and always has a positive attitude.
He is very handy and is always trying to help others. Whether its working on a vehicle, yard work, a haircut, or a craft. If he can help he will.
Robert deserves to be the hard working man. Myself and our children our so greatful to have someone like Robert in our lives.
Ashley and Kids
We love you!

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