Hard Working Man 06.29.22

Will Duncan

My husband Will Duncan is the hardest working, dedicated man I’ve ever known! He works as a PG&E subcontractor for the fire mitigation program which helps keep our community’s families safe in all sorts of different ways! He puts in an unreal amount of hours every single week (60 hours at minimum) and doesn’t ask his crew to do anything he won’t do himself. And as dog tired as he is at the end of each workday, he still comes through the door with unrivaled enthusiasm for his family and especially his kids! He still plays with them, helps with dinner and getting the kids down and ready for bed. He even helps me take care of my elderly father who had to move in with us! He doesn’t have to, but he WANTS to! That’s a world class father, husband and MAN! He’s not bad to look at either! Please recognize this amazing man! He deserves it and so much more!!!!
Love you honey!
Lauren Saint Onge-Duncan

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