KKBN Hard Working Man 10.06.21

Taylor Gonsalves

My best friend, husband, father of our fur babies and biggest supporter.

Even though we’ve been married for only 5 years, we have been through a lot. I have never met a more patient and hard working soul. I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression and some others. Since the beginning of our courtship he has been by my side giving full support. He knew what I came with and still chose to be with me.

6 months into our relationship his father, whom was struggling with Leukemia for a while, his fight ended. It was a very hard year for his family. I never left his or his family’s side.

Even then he still showed up to work and never complained. That’s one thing about him I can’t get over, he never complains. I know my mental health is a lot to deal with at times and he’s seen me at my worst a lot..and it’s not easy for him but, he always stays calm, selfless, patient, has never raised his voice and is very protective of me. He never complains. Even after a 12hour shift of working in 105 degrees factory, working his butt off, getting a 3rd degree burn from work, getting hurt at work constantly, and to come home to me when I’m depressed or haven’t done much, he doesn’t complain.

Sometimes he surprises me with flowers or gets dinner for us so I don’t have to cook. Even saying yes to a third fur baby! And then this year, for our 5th anniversary he surprised me with a trip to Hawaii! Even though he’s the one that works his butt off he kept asking the whole time, what I wanted to do.

I always make sure that he knows how much I appreciate his hard work for our family. For me and him. Our fur babies. For providing our beautiful home. A beautiful marriage. A safe place. My safe haven. My home.

I don’t know what this life would be like without him. And I can guarantee you, he is one of the hardest working men at his job. Everyone else is always calling in, using covid time, only twice has he called in this past year and it was for me. To be with me because I couldn’t be left alone. To take care of me.

His dad would be beyond proud of the man he has become. The husband, the son, the brother and the dog dad he has become!

I wish he were here to see him now.

That’s why I think my man deserves this!

He’s the MOST HARDWORKING MAN in my life! – a lucky and proud wife

Mariah Gonsalves

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