KKBN Hard Working Man 08.19.20

Mark Kerr

I have to tell you about my fiancé and love of my life! Mark Kerr. He has worked in construction since the age of fifteen, when he had to provide for his first born, until the day he got sick!

Mark started his own construction business, Justin Time Construction in 2010 named after our first grandson Justin Jay!

Mark has a very strong work ethic and has always made sure to give discounts to all of his clients in need, friends and family , a disability discount, a “Well Family” (our church) discount, a veterans discount, a discount for the elderly and a discount for widows and any one in a hardship! Justin Time Construction has never made a (profit) but he has given back to our people! To our loved ones and many people in need or in a bad way!

He has worked numerous hours to give back to our community, always taking a cut in pay, or time lost with our family, and never complained, and will do it again and again, because that is the loving, caring man that he is!

Mark has worked for the beautiful, Rush Creek Lodge Yosemite for the past few years, which changed our lives as we moved back home to the hills for a better way of life until the day he found out he was sick.

Just over a year ago Mark got sick with a very serious lung infection! That has not stopped him from being here for me and our family! Not for one second! He has had to change his role and adjust the way he provides. He has not stopped with leading us to God, He has not stopped helping our elderly friends, family, our community or just showing love where it is needed!

I am extremely proud of Justin Time Construction, and all it has given to the many it has helped!

And I am mostly proud of the man God chose for me and placed in my life, to love me unconditionally ❤️ I love you Mark Kerr and I could not be prouder of you than I am and always will be ❤️ You are a great man ❤️

Janice Kirkland

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