KKBN Hard Working Man 06.17.20

Michael Hunter

I would like to nominate my dad Michael Hunter for hard working man of the week.

My dad has always worked crazy hours to support his family. It would always take a toll on all of us, when we didn’t get to see him a lot. He would work nights and come home when we would be heading to school and work.

He would always try to make time for his family. Make sure he wouldn’t miss the important times of your lives.

He has a new schedule now. Waking up early and coming home in the afternoon. My mom and sister love that schedule. We can actually see him a lot more now.

He has always been a hard working man in my eyes. I know it takes a toll on him to work all the long hours and days.

He will always have a family who loves him.

Keep working hard dad!

I love you!

Tessa Hunter  

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