KKBN Hard Working Man 12.25.19


I’d like to nominate my boyfriend Ashtin Dalby for hard working man of the week!

He works for his brother at JMK Roofing Inc., as a foreman. Most weeks he works well over 40 hours, getting up as early as 4am and getting home after 5pm some days.

Not only does he work extremely hard at work, he’s also always willing to extend a helping hand at home with all the chores I put him up to. We have two doggies that he’s happy to feed and walk with me even after a long day at work.

He is also always helping his friends and family. He’ll work 13 days straight at work then go help someone pack up and move homes or go help someone with repairs.

He’s hardworking and selfless and truly deserves this title and win!

Thank you for your consideration!


Winners receive gifts from our sponsors:

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