KKBN Hard Working Man 12.11.2019

Darrell Ashlock

Darrell works hard every day to provide for his family, sometimes working 6-7 days per week. He doesn’t stop until the job is done.

He built a solid business from the ground up, employing men who are trying to get their lives together. He believes…” you build a man”.

He is a great father and more than a stepdad, he takes time out of his busy day when our kids need something, he always puts their needs first. He is a role model for everyone.

After he spends all day at work he comes home to work on the remodel of our home. He also remodeled Steve’s Place, a local bar in Tuolumne county which received an award from the Tuolumne co chamber of commerce for the best remodel of the year in Tuolumne Co.

He takes great pride in his work and always provides laughter and guidance in our home. He is great fun to be around and always willing to help someone out if they need it.

He is my hero, best friend and the love of my life and he works harder than anyone else I know.

That is why I feel my husband deserves this award.

Janice Ashlock



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