KKBN Hard Working Man 11.20.2019

David Davies

I would like to nominate my husband David Davies for the hardworking man of the week because in my eyes he earns this title every week.

David commutes over two hours to his job as a commercial driver, spends all day behind the wheel, and then drives two hours back home to me each day. Even with all this, he still always makes time at the end of the day to spend time with me and our dogs, helping with dinner and clean up before curling up on the couch as we watch our favorite show together.

On his days off from his driving job he spends the day working hard to build clientele for his own business – Davies Window Cleaning. All while still making time for his friends and family, recently completing his first Spartan Race with me!

He is the hardest working man I know and continues to work hard each day.

Thank you for all you do, David!

Bunny Jack-Davies


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