KKBN Hard Working Man 04.10.2019

Andrew Silva


I’d like to nominate my husband, Andrew Silva, for the Hard-Working Man award!! He’s the ultimate hard worker; on the job and at home. He’s a full time UPS driver who puts in the extra hours and never says “No” to helping a fellow coworker.

But it doesn’t stop there… He comes home to Me, and his three girls (Aubrey, Annabelle and Abigail), and he continues to put in hard work on our ‘fixer upper’ well into the evenings, even as late as 2 AM sometimes!! From remodeling our laundry room and installing our beautiful new floors, he’s doing it all. Never asking for help, and always determined to do his best work. You should see the amazing custom playhouse he built for his daughters, from the ground up!! He’s the ultimate fun dad and loves taking his oldest daughter to school every morning. He always makes sure to ask about their days, even if they’re already tucked into bed by the time he gets home.

He’s constantly helping others, friends or family, he’s not going to be too busy for ya!! Andrew is such an amazing husband, always caring and providing for all of us and we’d like to see him be rewarded for all his endless hard work!!!




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