KKBN Hard Working Man(10.26.16)


Jake Fuller

It’s hard to find the right place to start on why Jake should be the Hard Working Man of the week because there is so much to be said. To start off Jake is not only a great boyfriend to myself, supporting my decisions in school, work, and always giving me the best advice, but he is also an amazing son, friend, and neighbor. He’s always is willing to help his family out with whatever it may be from helping his grandma replace her light fixtures or fix her squeaky garage door, to helping his parents remove trees from their property; anytime his family needs him he’s there with solutions and a smile. He also finds time in his busy schedule to take the neighbor boys fishing, or even teach them how to be a successful and safe tree climber. Jake is also willing to help out his friends, and will be there at a drop of a hat. He will even take the time out of his work day to bring his equipment and spend a morning with family or a friend to help clean up a job that was started making sure that it is completed efficiently and to the best of his ability. Not only does he make sure everyone close to him is happy, he ensures that his business is run to the best of it’s ability.
Jake decided to rebuild Mother Lode Tree Service LLC and partner with Ross Gray, the original owner. Jake is very passionate about his work, and he wanted to bring back a company, and build up its already great reputation. You will never see Jake sitting or taking the time to relax. He’s always looking for better, safer, and more efficient ways to run his business. His biggest saying or quote he always says is “efficiency, that’s the key!” He’s on top of making sure the equipment is running smoothly, his crew is happy, and keeping his customers satisfied with an amazing job well done and great execution of a tree removal. With all these bug pines, Jake is always out evaluating the situation for a worried client, and making sure to get back to them within a few hours to a day and give them the best prices possible. He isn’t afraid to get dirty, or work long hours, he will be one of the first people to jump up and help, bringing his clever ideas, always getting the job done, not matter what it may be. He is so understanding, kind and honest, and has put his heart in soul into this business to make sure that at the end of the day he can go to bed happy knowing that the day went well, and his customers are happy. Words are so little to try and explain how much he truly does for everyone around him, and for his business. Sometimes I think he forgets how much he does and how busy he is, that he never realizes how much he has accomplished and how proud he should be of himself. Tree work can be underestimated on how dangerous it can be because he puts his life on the line everyday to make sure that these dead trees come down safely. He loves what he does, and is always looking forward to the next job. Jake is by far one of the hardest working men I know.




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