KKBN Hard Working Man(03.30.16)


Wes Fredrickson
I would like to nominate my dad, Wes Fredrickson, for this weeks hard working man. My dad is an amazing father of three, husband, friend, and role model. My dad is the type of person to give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He believes if you do good for other people and help them out, the good will come back around to him. My dad is always helping out others and would be there in a heartbeat if anybody needs anything. He works as a Firefighter at San Ramon Valley Fire Department. While he is not risking his life to save others, he is at home providing for his family of 5, working on anything that needs to be done for our family and others, and managing Fredrickson Farms. My dad is a wonderful person who I look up to everyday. He deserves this award because he is the Hardest Working Man I know!!


Kailie Fredrickson


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