Corona’s Cruise Across America: Louisiana

The state of Louisana was a state that I drove straight across and only stopped once. It was for fuel in a town called Monroe.

After crossing the Mississippi River, I expected a nice “Welcome to Louisiana” sign. However, the first billboard that drivers are greeted by, is one for an “adult” store. This is followed by billboards for discount liquor stores, bars with poker games  and a “gentleman’s club”.

Finally, the last billboard was the “Welcome to Louisiana” sign. By this time, some drivers may  have already turned around to go back into family-friendly Mississippi.

I saw the city skyline of Shreveport at night, while I was driving past. It is a huge, well-lit gambling mecca with tall casino/hotels everywhere. It looked like Las Vegas. Keep in mind of course, that I saw it at night.

The gas price in Monroe was the lowest on the entire trip.

I paid $2.09 and $2.08 a gallon for gas in Florida, $2.10 in Daphne, Alabama and now here was this tremendously cheap price in Louisiana…  I’ve become so accustomed to California prices that $1.86 per gallon made me feel like I was stealing this gas.

Thanks Louisiana!

Monroe, Louisiana Gas Price

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