KKBN Hard Working Man(04.22.15)


John Reed

This daddy of 2 deserves to be hard working man because he is willing to do give up everything thing he has just to give our girls the world. John is honest, kind, faithful and trustworthy. He works so hard and doesn’t get home till 3 o’clock in the morning and still gets up at 7 to drive our oldest to school, just so he doesn’t miss out on anything. Hands down best daddy in the world to our girls. John has also been my high school sweetheart going on 10 years and has given me the world on a silver Platter. John is devoted entirely to his family, fixes anything that needs it, from a boo boo to a changing my brakes. There is nothing that John can’t do. This super dad takes our oldest daughter shooting, teaches her survival skill, and now teaching her how to shoot a compound bow. something every little girl needs, is a daddy John Reed. He is my partner in crime, My best friend and my superman. And one day I will give him back the world on diamond platters.




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