KKBN Hard Working Man(04.15.15)


My husband is without a doubt the hardest working man there is. After years of self-employed construction and mechanical work, he had to have his right hand fused together because there was no cartilage left in it and it was full of arthritis from working it too much. It’s in a frozen position now, and he still is learning how to do things in other ways than he used to, isn’t stopping him from working-everyday still. Here is a picture of him after the surgery with a cast on it…working.  He has no disability and no vacation time to use.. I’ve seen him work sick. I’ve seen him work hurt. I’ve seen him work all day after being up all night working on equipment so that it could be used in his work the next day.  I’ve seen him work when there was a death. I’ve never seen him put in less than 6 days a week in 30 years. I’ve NEVER  seen him back down from a day’s work, ever.  If you want a hard-working man-this is your guy right here.  Here’s to you Glenn-I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. You are by far the hardest working person I’ve ever seen. I love you and am SUPER  proud to be your wife.

Bonnie Kolpack

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