KKBN Hard Working Man(03.18.15)


Job Growth, Unemployment Rate Both Drop In September

Robert Jones
My Daddy is the hardest working man I know. He commutes every single day to French Camp from Sonora to his job as a diesel mechanic. There has never been a time that this man hasn’t worked his fingers to the bone to provide for his family. He currently supports my mom, me and my two kids and has a developmentally challenged son who lives on the property. He provides a home in Stockton where his other son lives. My dad was preparing to be off work from a hernia surgery last Dec but made time to actually rebuild/assemble a car I had bought in less than 30 days so I would have something to drive. He worked in the snow and up until 9:00pm Sunday night and had surgery at 7:00 am Monday morning. There isn’t anything he wont do for his kids and he doesn’t know the word no. I have never seen him turn anyone away that needed anything. He has the biggest heart and is the kindest soul that I have ever met. My dad deserves this award for all of his hard work and dedication and I would b!
e honored if you could present him with this award. He never asks for help or for anything in return, My dad has some health issues that cause him discomfort in his joints and muscles and he never complains in his line of work I know I couldn’t do it. We all love him very much and thinks he is beyond deserving of this award. Thanks for listening.


Robin Jones


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