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Dearest Big Joe & Bridget, (first-on a side note I want to thank you for making every day a great day.  I start my morning commute off with you guys Monday through Friday and I listen to you all morning and then I keep it on kkbn all day while I’m working in my pickup.  You make me laugh and I just love you guys! So thank you thank you!  I want to meet you two someday!)  Ok here is the story of my hard workin’ man….  My husband is the hardest working man I know.  His name is Scott Pope and we live in Oakdale.  We recently became parents to a handsome baby boy and I can’t help but to hope that our boy turns out even half as great as his father.  My husband has an absolute heart of gold.  He is MAGNETIC.  People who know him want to know more about him and people that don’t know him always find a way to meet him.  He wakes up everyday looking to better himself, for his family, for his friends and even those he hasn’t met.  He lives his life trying to make my life and our son’s the very best.  He has overcome many obstacles through the years and yet he manages to get up every morning at 3 am to head to the gym to work out like a savage.  He is the strongest man I’ve ever met-he always has spectators and “fans” watching his freakish strength in action.  He is multidimensional; hardworking in everything he does- This man can can cuddle babies better than most mothers, he can dig up your entire septic system and fix the dang thing faster than any professional, he cooks some wicked good BBQ, he can diagnose and repair any vehicle issue, he cleans the house from floor to ceiling when I need help, he does laundry like a pro, he’s a gifted athlete, he is a wonderful woodworker and makes some very beautiful things, he drives me everywhere we go…it’s no joke, there’s nothing this man can’t do PERFECTLY.  He works so hard at being the world’s best husband and father there’s no way I could let another week go by without him being recognized.  There’s something to say about a man who makes it a point to crack his wife up with laughter SO HARD she cries…ALMOST DAILY!  He makes my life the best life, every minute of everyday. I want to thank him for everything he does for myself, our son, our friends and family.  He is my hardworking hero and my soulmate:)

Emily Pope

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Emily Pope


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