KKBN Hard Working Man(8.20.14)


Tony Cahoon
My husband should be nominated for hard working man contest, because he is the hardest worker I know.  He is a mechanic who is so dedicated to his job but not only at work but his role as husband and father.  He commutes three hours a day so that i can stay home with kids and he provides a beautiful loving house for us.  He never complains about drive or work, he just gets it done.  He tells me that the hard work just makes him stronger.  He shows up to work even if he is sick because he knows he is depended on, he has not been able to take a vacation or a day off all year and he says he is just blessed to have a job and be busy.  He shows up every night after work with loving arms ready to help me in anyway, and just takes the whole night to spend quality time with us. He is my hard working man!
Lori Cahoon


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