KKBN Hard Working Man (6.4.14)



Jon Malone
To say my loving husband of 34 years is a hard worker would be an understatement! He is skilled at building, plumbing, electrical, mechanics, painting (but he does not like to paint), landscaping, tractor work, roofing, woodworking, concrete work, and even helps clean the house. He has always provided for his family. Never asking and always giving. He has worked for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for the past 32 years. His birthday is this Thursday (September 19th), and he RETIRES this Friday, September 20! I’m sure he will continue to work even after retirement as he never slows down. He taught his children that hard work pays off and to always do your best which is a virtue lost in our youth of today. He is a role model, a great person and so deserving.

Vocational Carpentry Instructor, Sierra Conservation Center


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