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Roger Chase JR
My husband should be Hard Working Man because he works a full time job as a mechanic at mother lode motors and then most days and on his weekends puts in another 12 hours or more doing side jobs and helping his mom and dad and his brother or any other family or friend that asks him for his help. He just the nicest sweetest man anyone can ever meet or have the pleasure to know. No matter how tired he is he always there if someone needs him. He is a full time devoted father and husband even with his work and busy after work schedule he still makes time to help me around the house and help our 11 year old son with projects and building a jeep together and with his homework and he still manages to find the time to work on our house and yard that we just moved into about six months ago. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to provide and take care of his family. He works very hard and takes wonderful care of his family. He watches our son and gets him up for school when I work my twel!
ve hour shifts at the hospital but recently I got injured and as scared as I am about bills and money and things being okay he always knows what to do and say¬† to make everything okay. He has been working everynight from five o’clock to the late hours doing extra side jobs to make sure our family is provided for right now because of my injury and not being able to work. As bad as I feel about it he never makes me feel bad about not being able to work right now and he always knows how to make us feel like were the most important people on earth to him. He works very hard as a mechanic as a father, as a husband, and just as a wonderful man. No matter how busy his work and after work schedule is he always makes time for his family. I couldn’t find a better man to be married to or be the father of my child. I wish everyday that he knew how grateful I am to have him in my life I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful caring person and have a family with him.
That’s why he should be hard working man
Thank You Rose Chase


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