KKBN Hard Working Man(4.16.14)



Papa” J. D. Hathcock
We nominate our Papa Jay, because he is, hands down, the hardest working man we know. At 75, he is still working maintenance almost full time at World Mark Resort in Angels Camp. In addition, he does full time handy work around the house, such as mowing the lawn, trimming trees, and climbing on-top of the house to clean the gutters. He also helps himself onto the roof during the Holidays. Come Halloween and Christmas, our house shines. He loves the reactions of the neighborhood kids when they see the lights and decorations. All he asks for in return are simply Pepsi’s, Twinkies and Cheetos’s. He loves our animals and they show love in return by greeting him by the door when he gets home. He always has a hug and a smile for his girls and we love him so very much.

All our love,
Barb, Kelly and Jessi
World Mark Resort

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