KKBN Hard Working Man(3.12.14)

I would like to nominate one of the most resilient and reliable men I know, Robert James Patrick. This man is a true “hard working man”. He works in some deplorable conditions and yet still gets his jobs done with a smile on his face. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anybody in need. Even those that don’t know they’re in need. When hes not at his day job, you will find him with a wrench or hammer in his hand helping family, friends, or neighbors, expecting nothing in return but a thank you and a hand shake. He has 2 children, Arianna 9, and RJ, named after his daddy, 5. He raises them as a single father and they never go without anything they need, and he’s wrapped around their little fingers, so everything they want as well. He is a family man, always spending time with his kids and taking trips to relatives houses for his kids to spend time with the rest of their family. And a very very hard worker, never saying “no” to any job, or failing to finish any task hes started.. At 33 year’s old he can still work circles around any teenager or adult. Please award this man with the “Hard Working Man” award, as he is one of the most deserving men I know. And even if you dont give him the reward, feel free to say hi anytime you see Robert walking in town or through a store. One sincere handshake, and you will have a lifelong friend in Robert Patrick. Thank you for your consideration. I know that I will be listening on Wednesday morning for his name.
Nominated by: Anonymous

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