KKBN Hard Working Man(1.8.14)


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Hard Working Man Winner!! Isaac Rushdoony

I would like to nominate a very special man as the next hard working man of the Motherlode. He is my nephew Isaac Rushdoony.

Isaac Rushdoony is not only an exceptional person but a hard working, multitasking man.  He risks his life for all of us in the Motherlode as a captain at the Valley Springs state fire station and has worked at many other fire stations in the area. He is raising three children with another due in a few weeks; he helps his extended family, is restoring his great grandfather’s car, and cares for his pomegranate orchards. In his spare time Isaac is remodeling the Vallecito home his grandfather once lived in. He has redone the inside, the back yard, and has built a gazebo and bar area where he entertains friends and the extended family.  If a tree falls on the property Isaac builds something. Isaac still manages to host large family get togethers and spend quality time with his family. He has even undertaken helping a teenage cousin. Isaac is someone who is constantly working and improving life for his family and those around him.

I am very proud of Isaac, his generosity, his faithfulness to our family traditions and his work as a fireman. Isaac an asset to not only his family but his community, the Motherlode, the state of California and his country. He is the kind of man who is a blessing now and gives me hope for the future.  To me he is the definition of a Hard Working Man.

Rebecca Rouse


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