KKBN Hard Working Man #19(11.13.13)


I would like to nominate my hard working man! His name is Daniel Jesus. He is a landscaper, he works hard every day! 95% of the time he works 6 days a week. He has to be to work by 6:30 am and doesn’t get home until 5 or 6. He works 11-12 hours a day. He works no matter how hot it is, cold, rainy, snowy. He works no matter what. Then when he gets off work he comes home and attends to our yard. Out of the three years we have been together. He has only taken 5 days off. When we had our son, other than that he works everyday! He misses out on our family vacations, everything. He is dedicated to his job and loves what he does. I think he deserves a lot. But if he were to win it would be amazing!

Jessica Miller

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