KKBN Hard Working Man #14 (10.09.13)

daddy and i

Hi my name is Kaylynn Davis. I would like to nominate my dad Ray Davis for your hard working man contest. My dad has been a hard worker his entire life. The difference between my dad and other working men is my dad has had  a germ cell cancer when i was one and he had been in construction as his job. he went under treatment for 5 months and was back to work to support his family as soon as he was strong enough to. My dad soon got out of construction and became a truck driver. He loved every second. my dad has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer  4 times and now the doctors have said this cancer is not treatable and will always come back to driving truck. my father had to find some one to support his family again because with having cancer he was not able to go back to truck driving. My father found a job clean out foreclosed homes and works hard every day. My dad leaves at 4:30 in the morning and gets home tired at 5 still trying to put in time with his family. He works in the 100 degree weather to the cold rain just to support is family as best as he can with a another baby one the way soon. i am proud to call him my father. This is why i think he deserves the hard working man award because to me my father is the hardest working man and the best father.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


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