KKBN Hard Working Man #9 (09.04.13)


I want to nominate my Husband for the Hard Working Man Contest. He is a firefighter for the Stanislaus Hotshots here in Sonora. He works very hard day in and day out. Sick and not feeling good he still goes to work. He works when it is 104 degrees, and he works when it is snowing outside. He is a permanent employees with the Forest Service. My husband and his crew risk their lives everyday during fire season to keep home, towns, and citizens safe. I admire how hard working he is. He is the most courageous brave man I know. Evan and his crew are headed to AZ to battle the blazes there. His name is Evan Patrick O’Shea. He is man to the top right. Thank you. 🙂

Joanna O'Shea


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