KKBN Hard Working Man #12(09.25.13)


I would like to nominate my Hard Working Man for your contest. This is Justin Mata aka Bubba. He is the owner of No Mata What Handyman Services & he is the glue that keeps things rolling at home. He gets up early every morning & wakes me up with coffee to make sure that I don’t over sleep. He heads out to work by 6am & usually doesn’t return home until 7 or 8pm.

His day never stops there, as he has his projects in the garage & still manages to spend time with his family. Even on his days off, or vacation, I can’t get him to stop. We are always on the go, planning fun trips to take with the kids or helping a friend with something.

He also helps my dad with up keep on his 12 acre property & the little projects that need to be done around the house.

He is really amazing at anything that needs to be done, whether it’s working on the cars/dirtbikes/trucks or helping me with my sunflower garden. He is always designated the “Master Griller” so even at events, he is busy manning the Bar-B-Q!!

Bubba carries the weight of our family on his shoulders from morning to night & still works hard to make sure we all have what we need!! He is loved very much by his family, his friends & most of all, ME. It would be such an honor if you would select him as your contest winner.

Sarah R. Hartman
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