KKBN Hard Working Man #8 (08.21.13)



Hi, my name is Rick and I have a nomination for hardest working man. The man I want to recoginize is not my man but has been my good friend for almost thirty years, he is a father of three boys that are 22,7 and 2 years old. He has also been married to the same woman going on 24 years. I consider myself a hard working man but don’t come close to how hard my friend Jeff Ecroyd of Sonora works. Jeff works full time for Moyle construction as a truck driver, heavy equipment operator and is the shops mechanic. He is not the guy who sits in his truck or stays on the backhoe, if a guy needs help in a ditch he’s the first to jump in and grab a shovel or an asphalt rake and get the job done. Jeff always works 10 hour plus days for Moyle 5 days a week and has for years but if that’s not enough, Jeffs second job is the maintenance man for his wife Denise’s preschool in sonora which as a historic building always needs some repair or upgrades that are all done by him after work and on many weekends. When Jeff does make it home he has all of his household chores to take care of, all the yard work, maintenance, tending the garden ect. It doesn’t end there, in the last 20 Years that I have been visiting Jeff at his home he always has a friends or relatives car or truck or motorcycle in the driveway that he repairs for them usually with little thanks or compensation, Jeff is also the guy that helps move his friends or family and also works on their homes and his neighbors homes. I don’t know when he sleeps! Even with all this I can’t count how many times I have stopped by late in the evening Jeff still in his work clothes and he is cooking dinner for the family because his wife is stuck at the school waiting on parents who are late picking up kids. The most amazing part about all of this is that Jeff is almost always happy and in a good mood. I couldn’t have more respect for Jeff and how he conducts his life he is truly a selfless person and by far the hardest working man I know!








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