And The Pet Of The Week Winner Is…(12/20/11)

This winner comes with a story…

How Cali ruined Christmas

 Twas a week before Christmas

and Cali was Bored.

 Dad had gone to the store.

She sat pouting in her chair

she didn’t wanna be alone anymore.

She stared at the presents wrapped up with care

oh, how she longed to be over there.

 She knocked down her barricade

and bounded to the tree.

Determined to make this one heck of a spree.

 She got down on her haunches

and made those brightly wrapped presents 

her brand new lunch boxes

 A sweet wooden Santa will make quite a nice treat

never mind that she wishes he was made of meat.

 But Dad came home sooner than expected,

no time to hide the evidence that had collected.

Paper shreds, splinters, cardboard and more!

Why even a shaving kit was strewn about the floor!

 It made Mommy sad to see such destruction

but Christmas goes on, as is it’s function. 

Cus’ It’s not the tree nor the presents 

that make this season so great, 

It’s time with your friends, family, and mate!


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