Halloween Time!

Top Halloween Costumes for 2011

Now that October has arrived and Halloween is just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about what costume to wear this year. The International Business Times put together a list of what it believes the top 10 Halloween costumes will be this year, guided by input from leading industry sources:

  1. Zombie — IBT cited an industry leader saying zombies are the new vampires, in part because of the hit AMC cable TV show The Walking Dead.
  2. Captain America — Star of a summer blockbuster movie this year.
  3. Don Draper — From AMC’s hit show Mad Men
  4. Charlie Sheen — No explanation needed after Sheen’s crazy meltdown of a year.
  5. Frankie Stein — From Mattel’s Monster High franchise.
  6. Thor — The star of another summer blockbuster movie this year.
  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger — The former California governor left office and fell into a scandal involving him fathering a now 13-year-old boy with the family’s maid.
  8. Anthony Weiner — Weiner’s very bad year involved him stepping down from office after tweeting sexual photos and messages to women who weren’t his wife — and having a sex scandal while carrying that unfortunate last name.
  9. Ron Paul — The perennial GOP presidential candidate has helped make his libertarian ideas that once were viewed as loopy gain popularity.
  10. Amy Winehouse — Winehouse is gone, but homage can be paid on Halloween, including with a wig based on her fabulous beehive hairdo.
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