Goodie Award Winner(12/22/10)


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner! HUNTER LAMBERSON  Here’s the nomination letter

I would like to recognize my 12 year old son as a personal goodie. We have recently taken in my parents who lost their home to foreclosure in NV. He being the person he is gave up his room and bed for them to stay in. He has also given up his computer so his grandmother can continue her online business. Although we think this is alot for a kid his age who would love nothing more then privacy. He has also donated many toys to others in need. He has even given a bike and nintendo system to a friend who does not have much.He helps take care of his 3 year old sister and has even offered his birthday money to help with Christmas. He is willing to help anyone who needs it, even helping the older neighbors weed their gardens. He may be young for the goodie award, but he will always be one in our eyes, Columbia Elem.

Angelique Lamberson

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