Thanksgiving Spoiler

Okay…do you really want to know the most fattening foods are that will be on the table this Thanksgiving?  If not, stop reading now and eat away!



Apple Pie — A classic American treat for the holidays that’s packed with sugar. Calories: 552, Calories from fat: 230, Total fat: 25.6g

Christmas Cheeseball — Popular at holiday parties as a snack with chips or crackers, but cream cheese is full of fat. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 421, Calories from fat: 350, Total fat: 39g

Christmas Pudding — A classic British dessert filled with sugar. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 344, Calories from fat: 165, Total fat: 18.4g

Egg Nog — A rum-filled drink sipped for the holidays, and it’s packed with fat and sugar. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 335, Calories from fat: 187, Total fat: 20.9g

Holiday Creamed Corn — A favorite side dish from the southern U.S. that is filled with fattening cream and butter. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 330, Calories from fat: 247, Total fat: 27.5g

Latkes (Potato Cakes) — Served during Hanukkah. A tasty food, but it’s basically starch deep fried in oil. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 319, Calories from fat: 18, Total fat: 2g

Sweet Potatoes With Marshmallows — Served up in the U.S. along with turkey on Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes are healthy on their own, but add the butter and sugar (from the marshmallows too), and it’s a fat trap. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 419, Calories from fat: 123, Total fat: 13.7g

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