National Men Make Dinner day

Good Morning Mother Lode!

credit Anthony Galvin

credit Anthony Galvin

Today is Thursday and MEN, you ask what’s so special about today?  Well, slip on that apron, because it’s National Men Make Dinner Day! This is for guys that NEVER go in kitchen unless their making a sandwich.  Let’s give the ladies or whoever prepares the meals at home a break, and not only go out and earn the bacon, but bring it home and fry it up in a pan!  Here’s a site that will give you yummy, easy recipes, no no’s in the kitchen and rules about NMMDD!  Yes rules.  Good Luck!

BONUS: Here’s another site for the guys!  Do you have your very own Man Cave?  A place to get away from all distractions, where you and boys can watch the game and just be a guy?  Well here’s a little inspiration if you don’t have a Man Cave!

Also on the show today, more tickets to SRT at Fallon House performance of Christmas My Way: A Sinatra Holiday Bash!

The Mystery Word Of The Day is…“PUCKER” When you hear the word in the 7am hour, be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 to win!

FYI:  The New York Yankees won the World Series last night for the 27th Time!

Have  a Great Day!

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