KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

Below are the Pet Of The Week Winners!

KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

It’s The KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest!



Send us your favorite pix of your cuddly, creepy, cute, furry, funny pets!  We’ll pick a winner each Tuesday morning and post the picture on The KKBN website for all the world to celebrate your winning picture!

Send all photos to kkbn@clarkebroadcasting.com and good luck from your pet friendly radio station Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.30.16)


    Maximus and his kitten Mary Jane


    Amanda Tinkle


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  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.23.16)


     This is Sadie she loves her dad,  she spends everyday with him weather at the boat shop, the race shop, the racetrack or just on a bike ride but her absolute favorite is going to the lake and playing in the water she’s very beautiful obedient and a good sport about all of dads shenanigans.  Sadie is 1 1/2 year old lab mix from Murphy’s

    Eric Pilson

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.16.16)


    My name is Kyle Ferrell and my dogs name is Grunt.  Named after the marine corps infantry. He is my service dog for PTSD. In this picture he was visiting the Tuolumne county sheriffs dispatchers. A real hard worker.


    Kyle Ferrell

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.09.16)


    This is Oakley in his cool shades. He really wants to be pet of the week soon!

    Chris Salyers
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.02.16)


    This is Koda Shipper just chillin.


    Marcy Shipper

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(07.26.16)

    pow72616Hello, My name is Booker Thomas!


    Suzy Hayes

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(07.19.16)


    My name is Gus, I am a miniature weiner dog. I love to play, I’m always talking to my family, and I enjoy running back and forth around the house chasing my other dog friends. I love jumping in the water! I take my nap time very seriously and get grumpy if I get woken up to early. Nominated by The Harvey Family of Groveland.


    Jenn Harvey

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(07.12.16)



    This is Brodie. He is a Queensland Healer and his owners love him as do his whole family. His friend is Gypsy and he’s the the busiest dog you can emagine. Our experience time he fell asleep in his water dish! 😂😂😂 He’s so sweet and active and he would love to be this week’s Pet of the Week.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(07.05.16)


    This is Gypsy. She is an Australian Shepherd. Her proud owners are Austin Gurney and Paige Mackey. You can always find Gypsy trying to cool off or play with her friend Brodie. She is most playful, lovable, adorable, sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She would love to be this week’s Pet of the Week on KKBN. Thanks, Shelby 😉

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(06.28.16)


    My name is Mia. I’m a Rhodesian Ridge-back. I go to work with my daddy in the woods everyday. The pictures down below is Shelby with my dad, TJ. I’m 18 months old and I’m very playful. I have a lot of friends and I love water. I LOVE the lake, any river…

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(06.21.16)


    Hello Bridgette and Big Joe!

    My name is “Amadeus”.   I am a 40 (yes 40!) year young, 17.1 hand Warm Blood.

    I came to the US as a young man to be a champion Vaulting and Dressage horse.

    Now retired, I enjoy my days having free run of the ranch with my 10 year old Paint girlfriend, Misty and

    though I finished my “official” lessons 2 years ago, I still love to give rides to children, get baths by my friend, Regan,

    and have my belly scratched with a broom!

    I hope you will choose me to be your “Pet of the Week”! as my people Andy and Jeanna listen to your show every day on their way to work.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(06.14.16)




    Big Joe and Bridgette,

    Oreo is a 1 year Shih Tzu who loves to play in the garden and play chase with his human sibling Lucas and cuddle for weekend naps.

    Sheila, Lucas, Courtney and Makayla

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(06.07.16)
    This is Mater! [Named after Mater from Disney Cars because of his rusty color:)] He may look tuff but thats our sons best friend. He is apart of the family and we love him very much!
    Thank you
    Rachel & Scott
    Manteca, CA
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(05.31.16)



    Meet Milo, this week’s KKBN Pet of the Week!


    Havilah Plaster

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(5.24.16)


    Good evening,

    Our office staff would like to nominate Oliver T. Payne aka Ollie the Payne as Pet of the Week. Ollie is a dedicated companion,  hard-working piebald dachshund who accompanies his human each day to the office. Ollie’s job requires traveling by car to several county offices as well as his own. At the Tuolumne County Recorder’s Office, Ollie arrives each morning ready to greet all employees. He walks to each of our desks and says hello by wagging his tail and sniffing the entire area under our desks (never know when you may find a yummy morsel). Then he heads to his own desk to work with his human. When he is not busy swiping correctional tape from the top drawer or pulling the calculator tape from the adding machines, he makes himself useful guarding his human or watches the goings on in the courthouse park out the window. Sometimes life is just too busy for him so he will catch a short nap in his human’s brief case or his assigned desk drawer. Ollie brings much joy to our office and we enjoy seeing him each day of the week.

    We think Ollie’s a winner and hope you do as well.  Go Oliver T. Payne!!!

    Carol Jackson

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(05.17.16)


    Hi I am Spider and I belong to Athen Verbeck.  I would love to be Pet of the week. I’m the ordinary couch potato



  • KKBN Pet of The Week(05.10.16)


    Hello this is our sweet border collie Amber and my little wennie dog Bandit , bandit is 11 years old and amber at the time of this photo was 3 months old…..she is now 1 year …

     Thank you,

    Rhonda Coville

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(5.3.16)


    Hi my name is Marlee O’Flinn sometimes people call me Marty , I love to go hiking and to play fetch. My mom Tyler O’Flinn is my best friend , she takes me everywhere with her sometimes even into Walmart which is my favorite place to go because I like all the attention I get from everyone ! I’m a very loved dog with a very big personality and a even bigger heart .

    Tyler O’Flinn

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(04.26.16)



    These are our pet baby gray squirrels, Emma, Beardsley and Donnells. Just a few months old. My boyfriend, Jake Fuller, rescued them from a dead tree he was taking down. They’re full of energy as they will follow us around the house, crawl up and down anything they can. They’re so friendly and love anyone that holds them, I never thought they’d be such cute good pets.

    Evonne Meckler

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(04.19.16)


    This is our blue nosed pit named Diesel. He’s a sweetheart. He likes to cuddle with his human brothers; Waylon, Hank, and Willie. (Willie pictured)

    The Blott Family
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(04.05.16)


    Hello, We are Tula May and Bailey. We are 7 year old twins (Tula May is a few minutes older than Bailey, so she thinks she is the boss)! We live with our older sister Mia and our guard, Brody. We enjoy sitting on our Dada’s shoulder and rooting for the 49ers! Our Mama takes us on nice walks. When we get tired, she puts us in our stroller. We hope to be KKBN’s Pets of the Week!

    Tula May & Bailey

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(3.29.16)


    Here is my girlfriend and I’s Jack Russel Chihuahua Mix. He is 2 1/2 years old and is very rambunctious but sweet in all the right ways except listening sometimes haha but here is a picture of our Bandit.


    Michael Austin

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(03.22.16)


    Hello, my name is Morgan and I am an 8 year old second generation labradoodle. I live with my owners Steven Hinshaw and Catelin Moody, and I serve as a therapy dog for Catelin. I love to chase the ball,
    lounge on the sofa, and curl up with my owners. I love to go to all of Catelins classes with her in college because everyone gives me attention, tells me I’m pretty and I get to spend time out of the house smelling everything around campus. Thank you for your time.


  • KKBN Pet of The Week(03.15.16)


    Here are is our pack that we would like to submit for the pet of the week contest.
    Red-  is our pitbull rescue that we got when he was only 5 weeks old. Poor pup was about dead when he first came into our lives he has since made a huge recovery. He’s 3 years old and the biggest lover you could ever imagine. He loves hanging out with kids and little dogs always turn to him as a bestfriend

    Bear- he is 8 months old german shepherd  and has the floppy ear. He’s a huge lover and wants nothing more than to please everyone

    Rex- is also 8 months old and always on the lookout. He is always on alert and the first to alert of any danger.

    This is our pack that makes our family these three guys are our kids, they make every single one of our day eventful and our reason we look forward to when we get home.

    Guillermo Bernal

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(03.08.16)


    This is my 19 year old cat Aura she is very spry for her old age, and as you can see she loves bubble baths! She also loves to be decorated with bows and ribbons at Christmas and birthdays and she loves tuna!! She has been such a great companion for me for so many years that I would like to honor her long life by nominating her for the pet of the week contest.

    Thank you, Heather Graham

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(3.1.16)


    I would like to submit our dogs for pet of the week! Oreo is a 3 yr old Boston Terrier mix,  she is our family pet.  Poe is a 3 month old German Shepherd/Queensland Healer mix who is training to be a service dog for my husband’s PTSD. They love to play together! Both are rescue dogs from the Tuolumne County Animal Control.


    Amy Angelo

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(2.23.16)


    Rowdy is a golden lab he is half Golden retriever and yellow Labrador. Rowdies the most intelligent and loving animal I’ve had the pleasure to live with .he is a very social animal visiting the neighbors daily just to say hi a lot of people may know rowdy just from shopping or walking down Washington Street Rowdy loves to be out and about .he goes everywhere with me other than my wife is the best companion I could ever ask for!


    Dave Goldstein

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(2.16.16)


    This is JAX!  Jax is 1 and 1/2 years old and full of
    “Beagle” energy!!!!  Jax is being trained to become my husbands horse
    riding buddy and is getting the hang of it pretty well, except once in a
    while, his nose will take him off the beaten track, but seems to always
    return within a short time.  LOL
    We have 4 dogs, and Jax seems to think ALL the toys are his, but will
    share only to sit there and howl at them until I have to pick up the toy
    and give it back to him.  Almost as if he is asking the dogs to give his
    toy back.  It’s pretty funny! 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my entry.

    Kellie Fenger

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(02.09.16)


    This is my blind kitty Schmeagal. He was brought to the vet I work at when he was about 3 weeks old, with very infected eyes. I took him home and bottle fed him and treated his eyes in hope that we could save at least one eye. Sadly the damage had been done and neither eye was able to be saved, but this kitty could care less. He is now happy and healthy and about 1 year old, thanks to the amazing people I work with!

    Thank you,

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(02.02.16)


    This is Pepper. She is a 10 year old Lab X. Pepper has recently retired from work as a registered Therapy dog. This she did for 9 years. She visited the elderly at Skyline, Avalon, SRMC Rehab, the Watch program & participated in the reading programs at the local elementary schools. Pepper wandered into my yard after being left behind when her owners went to jail. She was about 6 months old. She truly is the best dog, so in her retirement years we will make trips to Petsmart for the free cookies the cashiers give her. It’s her favorite place!

    Richie Grant
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(1.26.16)


    Our household is so fortunate to have this awesome cat Cheddar in our lives.  He is patience with the kids, cuddles, a great gofer hunter, and he is an excellence sleeper – because he does that most of the day.  He is 8 years old and weighs in at 28 pounds and we sometimes refer to him as catdog because he is as bigger than some small dogs and his mannerisms resemble a dog.  We all love him so much.  We think he deserves pet of the week because he is such a special cat!

    Thank you,

    Cheddar’s Children Servants

    Charlotte (9), Wyatt (7), Colten (9)

    Cheddar’s Adult Servant

    Samantha Huebner

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(1.19.16)


    This is our miniature donkey, Calamity Jane.  She is not only a guardian donkey for our dairy goats, but a special pet as well.  She is the best!

    Margarete Finn

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(1.12.16)


    Santana & Samantha – BFF’s


    Carol Brigance

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(01.05.16)
     Our Three Amigos!  Left to Right:  Chester, Peanut & Colt.
    Chester’s tongue is too big for his mouth so it always sticks out.
    Eric and Dawn Price
    If you have a great picture of your pet, share it with us at KKBN!  We celebrate our furriest of friends every Tuesday on Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.29.15)


    This is Michele and her dog bo they are best friends she walks him and feeds him potatoes the best part of his day is laying on the bed and snuggling with his girl as they watch movies. It’s hilarious to watch a 30 pound girl walking an 80 pound dog down the driveway but he is very gentle. These two are best friends for ever.

    Michele’s Mom

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.22.15)


    Pete’s mother wandered onto a ranch and promptly dropped a litter of kittens.  Our Daughter, Kelly Vella shoes their horses and brought us Pete when she came to shoe our horses.  Pete loves to eat, play and purr.  We love him.


    Vicki Vemeer