KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

Below are the Pet Of The Week Winners!

KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

It’s The KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest!



Send us your favorite pix of your cuddly, creepy, cute, furry, funny pets!  We’ll pick a winner each Tuesday morning and post the picture on The KKBN website for all the world to celebrate your winning picture!

Send all photos to kkbn@clarkebroadcasting.com and good luck from your pet friendly radio station Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN
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  • KKBN Pet of The Week(10.16.18)


    I’d like to submit my dog Malik (pronounced Ma-Leek) for Pet of The Week.  He is a German Shepard Siberian Husky mix.  He has one brown eye and one blue eye.  He is energetic and very loving.  He loves kids and is incredibly playful.  He will be 2-years-old on October 18th.


    Thank you!

    Trina Lawrence



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  • KKBN Pet of The Week(10.09.18)

    This is our beautiful 2year old blue nose pit bull, Otis. His favorite activities include eating, napping, and running with his friends. He loves playing with kids and is quite the ladies man. Otis is the gentlest pit bull you’ll ever meet, but he takes his job of protecting his family very seriously, chasing off everything from skunks and bears to bad guys in the night. He’s made a positive impact on our family, putting smiles on our faces each and every day, and makes the world a better place just by being in it. I wish everyone could had their own Otis.  – The Garris Family



  • KKBN Pet of The Week (10.02.18)
    Hi Big Joe
    This is our ranch loving Border Collie, Maya. She loves nature, and hanging out with her bunny and chicken friends. Her favorite games are frisbee and tug of war with her rope.
    Thanks to KKBN for being a great companion in the morning!
    Your friend,
    Angelene Shewfelt
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(09.25.18)

    Hi there! My name is Kimberly & I am nominating my dog Macey for pet of the week!

    Macey is much more than my pet, she works as my medical alert/PTSD service dog & because of her I am able to live a more normal life. Macey was born & completed her training on the island of Maui, Hawaii. When she isn’t working, Macey enjoys exploring, hiking, playing at the beach, and napping in the sunshine. I am so lucky to have a shadow with four paws!


    -Kimberly K



  • KKBN Pet of The Week(09.18.18)
    This is Nala. She is a 2 year old orange tabby and was abandon at birth behind Tractor Supply. She has brought my kids and I so much joy. Her hobbies include laying in her blueberry bush, chattering at the birds, and stealing our Q-tips and hair ties.
    Thank you!
    Marta, Natalie, & James Herd
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(09.11.18)

    This is Thor (God of Thunder). He is 9 weeks old tomorrow and we are so happy to have him as part of our family. He may be small, but he’s mighty 😆. Pug life.

    Jackie Roberts
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(09.04.18)
    These are our babies, Boomer the Beagle and Theodore the Terrier. They love to play with each other by running up and down the hallways in the house daily. They both are very active, but can still cuddle the flu away. We love them very much!
    Erin Cunha
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.28.18)


    This is Opie, I adopted him in December 2011 and he’s been by my side ever since. My guess is that he’s a Shar Pei/Shepherd mix and about 8 years old. He loves going on walks and playing fetch with his blue ball, whenever he’s not sleeping the day away! Adopting him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Anyone who thinks diamonds are a girl’s best friend, has never had a dog like Opie!

    -April Sisco


    Note:  Opies best friend Ellie…sadly passed away this week and asked that we honor her by adding her pic along with his.  We’re happy to do this.


  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.21.18)

    These are our chickens. Their names are Willow and Dixie. They are four months old. They are the nicest of our five chickens and let us pick them up.

    Callee and Josie Weaver


  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.14.18)


    Hello this is my cuddly fur baby Zoe. She is a 75 pound 2 year old German Sheppard who loves to snuggle and is always the center of attention. She loves smiling for cameras as you can tell. Thanks for having the contest. I love showing her off.


    Tiffanie Olea