KKBN Pet of the Week 12.17.19


Hey y’all! I would love to introduce to you my favorite dog friend Milo!

As mentioned in the movie The Boss Baby… you can’t help but smile when you say Chiweenie!

This little chiweenie is my favorite little pup friend, Milo (pronounced mee low).

She’s as sassy as she is sweet. She loves her days spent napping away on the couch and lives for the word “Treat”. Cuddling with her family and her two Pitty siblings, Mikey and Zoey.

When first adopted, she was this pint-sized quiet pup. Years later she’s a full-sized stubborn weenie dog! Those ears never rest, and the tail is constantly wagging. Milo is known to go a little crazy for a ball…. she doesn’t enjoy baths, but she’s my best little pal.

McKenzie Garcia

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