KKBN Hard Working Man (1.9.19)

My boyfriend Luke is the hardest working man I know. After his normal 8 hour job working for the Maintenance Dept at Pine Mountain Lake, Luke is usually working on somebody’s roof, clearing lots for fire prevention, landscaping, felling a tree limb or entire tree, helping to build a garage, cutting pads, digging trenches, cutting firewood, making a handcrafted gift for someone, or any one of the other side jobs/projects he may have going on. He does all these things for his family, friends, neighbors and community members, sometimes for little or no pay. He has a great sense of humor and a kind heart. As I am writing this, my Luke is outside, working on a gift for my son’s new home. It is cold and wet, this is what he does. I am proud to nominate my Luke as he is the hardest working man I know!


Yvonne Penland

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