KKBN Hard Working Man 03.30.22

William Sarmento

I’m nominating my elementary school sweetheart an amazing husband of  13yrs William Sarmento for the Hard Working Man of the week and his whole I.B.E.W crew at Intren. William Works 6 days a week 10 to 12 hr days and sometimes goes weeks without days off on storm restoring peoples electricity. Rain, shine, snow and high winds or holidays my husband is there. Men in this trade are not recognized enough and deserve the recognition they really put there life on the line to make sure people have heat and lights. During the pandemic they were consider essential workers and never took any time off. On top of his 70+ Hrs a week Will is a full time husband and dad to 3 amazing children and always finds time for them he has never miss a football or baseball game for our son. William is very selfless with his minimal time he even does house work on his one day off just to make sure I get a day for myself. So even if he’s not picked he’s still the hardest working man I know. -Andrea S.

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