KKBN Hard Working Man 03.10.21

Jon Shattuck

Jon is a great example of a hard working man for these reasons.

In this crazy year when owning a business seemed insane, Jon started his own pest control company, Greenwald Pest Defense. With the way this year went, Jon pushes through with an amazing outlook. As most people are hateful of the year, Jon sees the silver linings.

Jon is the most amazing father and stepfather. Together we have 4 amazing kids, as you can imagine at times that is a bit hectic. He is patient and kind with myself and our children. Jon is everything that I am not, I love and appreciate him very much. Even though our lives seem choatic on a day to day, he makes sure to show all of us the love we need.

Jon is the most selfless man I have ever met. He willingly helps with all of the house chores and never complains.

I am so proud of the man that Jon has become, and I am one very lucky girl to call him mine. He has such a positive attitude, and his positivity is contagious. This man is always pushing forward and looking to better the future of his family.

In my opinion, he definitely deserves to be nominated for hard working man.

Kimi Jaekle  

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