KKBN Hard Working Man 12.23.20

Matt Smith

My husband Matt, is the hardest working man I know! He gets up every day before the sun, usually around 2am and heads off to work. He delivers bread and other bakery items to grocery stores each day. Even with everything going on, he has been working non-stop, day in, day out with out a break. He works hard to provide for our family, so I can stay home to home school our children.

Matt has always had a job since he was 16 years old. My husband is an independent bread distributor and has not had a vacation in 4 years. He doesn’t complain about it either. He gets up every morning and kisses me goodbye with a smile on his face and heads off to work. After work Matt still puts in more work, as he does yard work and house projects that need to be done.

He enjoys wood working and is currently building the kids an outdoor toy box. He also loves taking the kids on bike rides and flying kites in the park. He is always there for our children and gives so much of himself.

I am so blessed to have Matt as my husband, my rock, an amazing father to our children, and my best friend!! He is THE HARDEST WORKING MAN and deserves this nomination more than anyone I know.

Marlaina Smith

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